MODEL 300 : 3-Season Sunroom

This model is a 3 season sunroom. This room is installed with single glazed glass, gutters and our roof system. The aluminum construction is maintenance free and is durable. This room can be installed in an existing porch space, patio or deck. You achieve instant square footage and the ability to create a flex space for your lifestyle. Our sunroom still provides the feeling of being outdoors but offers protection for the elements, pollen and insects.

  • Gable roof (post and beam not included)
  • Glass transoms
  • Tempered glass kick panels
  • Various Glass Options
  • Upgrade to No-See-Ums, Solar Insect or Tuff Screens
  • Manufactured solid or open walls
  • Horizontal Roller Windows
  • Sliding Patio Door
  • Entry Door

Patio, porch enclosures

Room additions

Mobile home additions

Trailer additions

Free standing



Factory rooms / Offices


Storage Rooms / Utility rooms

Aluminum Colors

Windows NOT available in black.

*Please note that some available options may be considered custom upgrades with an additional charge. Please consult your local Sunspace Dealer for details and pricing.