In 2020 Lakewood celebrates it's 15th Year in Business! It has been our pleasure to serve the Greater Chippewa Valley and Western Wisconsin as one of the nicest, highly service oriented, complete remodeling companies. As a husband and wife team, we offer not only the construction knowledge and experience through completion, but also the design guidance to assist you with the colors and features used to enhance your home. Our Services include Complete Sunrooms, Three Season Additions, Weathermaster Vinyl Stacking Widows, New Construction, Kitchen and Bath remodeling. We have spent the last 15 years, pridefully, as a family operated business surrounding ourselves not only with quality products, but with quality individuals as well. The addition of the Sunspace Sunrooms and WeatherMaster Vinyl Stacking Windows, extends our ability to fully serve the needs of our customers from the outside in.

The Lakewood philosophy has always been "to do it nicely enough and quality enough they will tell 10 friends or don't do it at all!" We at Sunspace by Lakewood Outdoor Living feel the addition of the Sunspace family to our own will provide both of the above for years to come!

Sunspace by Lakewood Outdoor Living is a member of the Chippewa Valley Homebuilders Association.


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Sunspace Sunrooms began modestly in 1990. In those early startup days, the owners went to the client’s house, measured their deck and drew the design of the sunroom by hand. Then they would cut and assemble all the parts and install the sunroom themselves. While they were perfecting the craft of designing, assembling and installing sunrooms, a lot of time and effort went into research and development. Their goal was to engineering the highest quality product possible while establishing the most efficient manufacturing process.

The research paid off and in 1997 Sunspace began to allow authorized dealers to promote and sell their products. This was very successful because of the outstanding quality of Sunspace’s products. Another factor in Sunspace’s success is the tremendous amount of support they give to their authorized dealers in the way of product knowledge, information seminars and regional representatives. At the start of this millennium Sunspace products were carried by 30 authorized dealers – 10 years later the number of authorized dealers has risen to over 400. The overwhelming demand for Sunspace products prompted Sunspace to relocate their manufacturing facilities in 2006 to Newcastle Ontario, where they took over a 45,000 square foot facility. This new building allowed Sunspace to manufacture their own windows and insulated panels which put them in complete control over their product.

This dramatically reduces the time it takes to manufacture a sunroom and ensures that your Sunspace product is top quality at a reasonable price. In fact, the price of a Sunspace sunroom has increased only slightly over the last 20 years. That means more and more average homeowners are able to comfortably add to their living space. To say that the demand for Sunspace products has continued would truly be an understatement and Sunspace is still growing to meet the demand. In 2011 Sunspace acquired the building next door to them adding an additional 55,000 square feet!

Now with 100,000 square feet for manufacturing, offices and a retail showroom, Sunspace has become the largest employer in Newcastle with a staff of more than 100 valued employees in the summer months. Each year, Sunspace provides its customers with over 100,000 square feet of increased living space for them to enjoy year after year. Take a look at our products and decide if the time is right for you to increase your living space with a Sunspace sunroom. Luxury you deserve.