You have just purchased the best-vinyl glazed window system available today. It’s been proven for years. With proper care and cleaning, your Sunroom will give you years of enjoyment and trouble free service. The Weathermaster View Flex vinyl is a strong, resilient material specifically formulated to resist deterioration from the sun’s ultra violet rays. However, they must be properly cleaned and maintained. Weathermaster vinyl products should be cleaned at least twice a year. The use of any products containing abrasives, ammonia or other chemicals can damage vinyl and will void the warranty.


STEPS:   Vents can be removed easily for cleaning:

  1. Allow panels to cool before washing or cleaning.
  2. Raise or lower vent to release interlock from adjoining vent.
  3. Grasp the top of the vent with one hand and bottom of vent with the other hand.
  4. With both hands, slide vent to the left.
  5. With the right hand, swing the vent out from the right side of the window frame.
    Do NOT use the center bar to raise or lower the vent. Repeat with each remaining panel.
  6. Rest the windows up against a wall or chair. Place a soft towel on a flat surface (i.e. Card table), lay vent on towel to clean.
  7. Spray Sunspace cleaner/conditioner on Weathermaster View Flex vinyl, then wipe clean with a soft rag or cloth. Repeat on other side.NOTE: If it appears that there is a generous amount of sand or grit on the outside facing vinyl, you may rinse off window to remove that material. Using a mixture of mild liquid detergent like liquid Dawn or Woolite and warm water can also help remove hard water deposits caused by sprinklers or spot cleaning.Let dry, then clean.
  8. Replace vents, simply reverse the procedure.